Costco And Sam’s Club Go Head To Head—And The Winner Is…

Costco and Sam’s Club are frequently the go-to choices for the deepest discounts on a wide range of products. But is one better? Consumer Reports set out to find out who offers the best discounts on bulk-sized groceries, electronics, appliances and other household items.

To compare the two wholesale giants, Consumer Reports looked at customer reviews on the retailers’ prices, membership fees, product quality and customer service. The verdict: It was a close call, but ultimately, Costco came out on top.

In terms of product quality, Costco scored higher than Sam’s Club in most categories, with the exception of electronics, in which the two were tied. Their return policies were similar, but Sam’s Club had a shorter window for some products such as electronics. Costco ranked slightly higher than Sam’s Club for customer service.

The two stores differ most in terms of their service offerings. Costco members can get a mortgage, invest in securities and buy car insurance, while Sam’s Club members have access to online auctions where they can bid on items like computers and TVs.

Costco does have a higher membership fee, but with so many great discounts, services and benefits, paying a premium for membership seems to pay off.

Check out Consumer Reports’ head-to-head video review of the two warehouse clubs here:

Photo by JeepersMedia