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You Can Buy A 7-Pound Tub Of Nutella At Costco

Whoa! That's about 14 jars in one!

If your resolution for the new year was to eat more Nutella (a fantastic and achievable goal, by the way), we have great news. Costco is now selling a 6.6-pound tub of the delicious hazelnut spread.

No, that’s not a typo — Costco is selling a bucket of Nutella at the warehouse clubs and online. The tub of Nutella is the same amount as about 14 jars of the 7.7-ounce size. The best part, aside from the fact that it’s 6.6 pounds of Nutella? It’s only $21.99.

If ordering online, you’ll have to pay an extra $3 for delivery, but even with the extra cost, it’s still a great deal. There is no extra cost if you spend $75, however, so if you’re serious about your love for Nutella, just get four buckets and they’ll come to $21.99 each.


If you were to buy 6.6 pounds of Nutella in the smaller jars at another retailer, such as Target, it would run you around $36. Costco says its Nutella bucket costs $3.33 per pound, while the biggest jar at Target will cost you $4.02 per pound — and you’ll only end up with a mere 35.2 ounces.

While I don’t know anyone who actually sticks to the two-tablespoon serving size of Nutella, if you do, you’ll get 81 servings from the Costco bucket. If you somehow find yourself unable to finish the whole bucket with a spoon, try using it in recipes like these Nutella-stuffed pancakes, or Nutella pita pockets, as suggested on the company’s Instagram account:

If this bucket o’ Nutella has you excited, Sam’s Club has something equally tasty: a 9-pound bucket of Oreo frosting. While you probably shouldn’t eat this one on toast for breakfast (or maybe you should?), you can pick up the frosting bucket at your local Sam’s Club bakery.

Will you be heading to Costco for your very own bucket of Nutella?