This couple has been to every Cracker Barrel in the U.S.

At long last, this couple has met their goal of eating at every Cracker Barrel in America. And it’s taken them a total of 40 years to do it.

Ray and Wilma Yoder of Goshen, Indiana, recently stepped foot inside of their 645th Cracker Barrel location on Ray’s 81st birthday. Upon doing so, they had officially visited every single location in America.

So, how exactly did they get the idea to visit so many Cracker Barrels?

Well, it wasn’t always their goal. Forty years ago, Ray began working as a driver delivering recreational vehicles all across America. Wilma would join him on his trips, and the pair kept coming back to Cracker Barrel for its laid-back country atmosphere and delicious comfort food.

“[Visiting Cracker Barrel] took the boredom out of being on the road,” Ray told the Lebanon Democrat. “It has a down-home spirit, and everybody is friendly.”

Over the past 10 years, workers at the restaurant chain started to notice  exactly how devoted these two customers were, and they’ve become famous within the Cracker Barrel community. After their story started gaining traction, people online couldn’t help but want to share in their journey.

“I wish I had this dedication,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“This is my life goal,” wrote another. Because yeah—traveling the U.S. to visit Cracker Barrels certainly doesn’t sound like a bad gig!

The couple has definitely enjoyed all of their traveling, and each and every one of the meals they had along the way. Take a look at this video about Ray and Wilma’s journey, which was produced by Cracker Barrel.

“Travel was in our blood and we’ve always liked it,” Ray said in the video. “And, of course, the best place to eat was at Cracker Barrel. We could order what we liked, and they always had what we liked.”

Considering they offer menu items such as maple pecan fried chicken for dinner and pecan pancakes served all day long, it’s no wonder this pair took a liking to the food. It’s comfort food—even when you’re away from home. But it wasn’t just the food that kept them coming back. The friendly faces played a part, too.

“It’s the same good service and great people wherever you go,” Ray told Today.

The chain’s first California store location will be opening soon, so here’s to hoping the Yoders will be able to pay a visit to that new restaurant! They can’t stop now!


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