Couple born on the same day just had twins on their birthday

Couple with birthdays on same day
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There are some times in life when things line up in such a way that you feel a greater power must be behind the wheel. This was the case for a Cleveland couple who recently gave birth to twins on Aug. 18. While twins are rare enough, this particular case is even more fascinating because the twins were born on the couple’s shared birthday!

Scierra Blair gave birth to fraternal twins with her fiancé, José Ervin, by her side at the Cleveland Clinic’s Hillcrest Hospital. The boy, José Ervin III, was born at 12:35 a.m., and his sister Ar’ria Lannette Ervin arrived a minute later at 12:36 p.m. Twins run in the couple’s families (on both sides — go figure!), so it wasn’t a huge surprise to the pair that Blair would be carrying twins.

Here’s Cleveland Clinic’s post about the birth:

The couple met in 2022, and were both surprised to find out they shared the same birthday.

“I thought she was telling a tale, because she asked me about my birthday and then said that’s pretty ironic, because that’s my birthday,” Ervin told People about their first meeting. “I’m like, get outta here. But she showed me her ID and proved me wrong.”

They had no intention of celebrating their first joint birthday together by having twins, but as luck would have it the twins arrived on a very special day.

While the due date for the babies was supposed to be Aug. 28, Blair was asked to go to the hospital for an emergency cesarean section on Aug. 17 because one of her babies was breech. When Ervin realized there was no harm in waiting a couple of extra hours so the babies could officially share a birthday with the couple, Blair obliged and waited (hungrily, she said, since she wasn’t allowed to eat before the procedure), to be prepped for surgery.

Everything worked out wonderfully in the end — both the babies and mother are healthy and at home. And Ervin calls their birth “the best birthday present ever.”

We just love the incredible odds of this story!

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