Couple donated flowers to assisted living homes after postponing their wedding due to the coronavirus

Engaged couples who spent many exciting months planning their big day have been blindsided by the novel coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine guidelines. And while canceling your wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be a heartbreaking experience, some couples are finding ways to spread love and joy even when their special day has been put on hold indefinitely.

Not-yet-newlyweds Kristall Goytia and Jason Oswald decided to take their disappointment over their canceled wedding and turn it into something beautiful. The couple, who were originally supposed to wed on March 21, had to delay their wedding due to the coronavirus. It was too late to cancel some of their wedding costs, however, such as the fresh flowers that were still scheduled for delivery regardless of the wedding cancellation.

The couple, who live in Texas, decided that instead of keeping the flowers, they would share the gorgeous blossoms with vulnerable people in their community who could really use something beautiful during this difficult time. Bride-to-be Goytia reached out to people at her church to find a suitable place to donate the flowers and located three assisted living homes in San Antonio that would be happy to accept her wedding bouquets.

“It is an honor and a blessing to know that amidst the chaos of COVID-19, our residents are not forgotten,” Melissa Smith, the executive director of Legacy at Forest Ridge, told TODAY. “Our seniors deserve every ounce of joy and recognition, and we are grateful to those who see their beauty.”

The Legacy at Forest Ridge posted heartwarming photos on their Facebook page showing their residents surrounded by the flowers that were originally intended for Goytia’s nuptials. The touching images quickly received national attention, as people applauded the young couple for being able to find the rainbow in the storm and share their blessings.

Since the vulnerable elderly residents are not currently able to have visitors due to fears of the coronavirus, the flowers were especially needed to bring cheer to the senior citizens. The flowers were safely left at the front door and distributed by the nursing home staff members so that the residents were not exposed to unnecessary germs.

Here’s hoping the kind couple gets beautiful weather on their new wedding day (Aug. 1), and that their thoughtful gesture sparks similar giving from other disappointed brides- and grooms-to-be.