Couple gets a new dog every year for their anniversary

If you think there’s already pressure on you to get the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your spouse, one couple is putting everybody else’s gifts to shame.

Texans Carlos and Neydi Romero have been married for three years, and on each anniversary they bring home a dog. That’s right: a dog. Yeah, and you thought you nailed it with that Hallmark card and flowers.

The unique anniversary tradition came to light when proud dog aunt Odalis Herrera, Neydi’s sister, posted about it on Twitter:

Obviously, the internet freaked out, because puppies and #RelationshipGoals and how could you not? The tweet has been retweeted almost 9,000 times and sparked all sorts of responses, most of them centered around the idea that the Romero’s would soon have a “101 Dalmatians” scenario on their hands.

Thankfully, Neydi Romero assured us that they won’t be continuing at this pace.

“We are going to try to continue the tradition until our 5th anniversary,” Romero said. “After that, we will hopefully be fostering or have started our own animal rescue.”

Her sister, Herrera, said their mother never liked having dogs, so it was one of the things Romero talked about doing as an adult. That is what inspired her husband to get their first dog, Captain.

“You would think that my sister would have been the one to take action on her childhood dream of having a dog, but it was my brother-in-law who brought home their first dog,” Herrera said. “They had spoken about getting a dog since they got married, so he got them one for their first-year mark.”

After Captain came Teddy and then Chewy. Teddy was listed on a Craigslist post and had tapeworms and severe weight issues before the Romeros were able to nurse him back to health, and helping dogs is what has inspired them to try and open up an animal rescue.

“There is always a dog out there that needs a home or someone to love them, and it always breaks our hearts,” Neydi Romero said.

What? Sorry I got, um, dust in my eye. Also, I was chopping onions.

Stories of dog rescues are always a good reminder that the world isn’t a terrible place, and the Romeros combine that with the added benefit of a sweet and unique anniversary tradition. So here is hoping they have many more anniversaries and furry celebrations in the years to come.