Couple Goes Under The Sea For Mermaid-Inspired Engagement Photos

Cammy Cuoco thought she was just on vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend. And while she may have had an inkling that he would propose—she had no idea he would do it like this! Eric Martinez planned an engagement photo shoot inspired by “The Little Mermaid” for his fiancee. And the results are absolutely incredible.

Talk about a fairy tale scenario!

Not only did Martinez arrange beforehand to have Del Sol Photography at the ready for his epic proposal (which took place in a gorgeous cave), but he also had prepared to jump straight into the water for their mermaid photo shoot immediately after.

In doing so he allowed Cuoco to live out her childhood fantasy.

“Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but I always wanted to be Ariel,” Cuoco told Today. “How perfect that I get a Prince Eric of my very own and I was able to take magical photos under the sea with him?”

As for Martinez, he was just happy to see his future wife so ecstatic.

“I’m feeling amazing,” he said in a behind the scenes video. “Just looking at her smile knowing that she’s having a blast, having an amazing time. I couldn’t be more happy.”

You can see the photo shoot unfold in the video below. There’s everything from a sparkly mermaid tail and fin to a ring pop as props. And just as Cuoco hinted this really couldn’t be more perfect.

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Once news of this engagement shoot spread online, it upped the ante for couples everywhere.

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People were really responding to how unique this was, and some people even demanded a re-do for their own proposals.

“I think you’re gonna have to propose again,” one Facebook user teased. Because yeah—that’s how epic this was!

And if that’s how these two chose to do this for their engagement, I can only imagine how spectacular their wedding will be! Are they going to go with a “The Little Mermaid” theme? Only time will tell, but that surely does seem fitting.

Whatever they have planned it’s sure to be amazing! Here’s to the happy couple!