Couple Has A Tech-Themed Wedding That Is So 2017

When most couples sit down and pick out a theme for their wedding, they usually go with something along the lines of “country” or “rustic” or “beachy.” But for one couple, those usual themes just wouldn’t do.

Instead, Jessica Naziri and Michael Sabet hosted a tech-themed wedding for their big day.

Naziri is a tech blogger at, and her life largely reflects that: even her personal social media posts frequently include tech products. So when she and Sabet planned their wedding, it made sense to thread technology throughout their nuptials.

“I always wanted to plug into new technologies and make my wedding a modern-day experience, yet with age-old traditions,” Naziri recently told Mashable. “As I made choices like creating a custom app for my wedding, supplying charging stations at the reception, and wearing a 3D-printed headpiece, the tech theme came together organically.”

Naziri also swapped flowers for wrapped-up pastel Belkin lightning cables in her and her bridesmaids’ bouquets and took first-person-perspective pictures throughout the wedding using Snapchat Spectacles. She and Sabet also provided easy access to Wi-Fi for their guests and encouraged them to share pictures under a special hashtag (the very punny #SabetterTogether).

Flip through Naziri’s Instagram post below to take a look at her tech-themed wedding:

You can also find more pictures on Instagram using the couple’s special wedding hashtag, #SabetterTogether. Here are a few sneak peeks:–YowFoTS/?hl=en

Clearly, the tech theme served to enhance an already gorgeous wedding for Sabet and Naziri.

If you’re feeling inspired but don’t want to commit to an entire tech theme, don’t worry—there are plenty of other ways to use technology to simply enhance your wedding. Aside from using apps and websites to help plan the wedding, consider some of the following ideas:

With the right tools, even a traditional wedding can be digitally upgraded to a one-of-a-kind, high-tech affair.

Happy planning!