Couple who loves Olive Garden to name their daughter after the restaurant

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There’s a lot of pressure for parents to select just the right name for their new baby. Some look to the family tree for inspiration. Others decide to get a bit more creative with baby names. One Arkansas couple plans to name their first child after their favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. Justin and Jordan Garton will name their daughter Olivia Michelle.

The couple grew up eating at the Italian restaurant chain. They aren’t just bonkers for breadsticks. Eating at Olive Garden helped the couple save money. Also, Jordan felt more connected to her Italian roots.

“I’m only the third generation on my dad’s side to be born in America,” Jordan told Good Morning America. “I just love Italian food and growing up in Arkansas that’s pretty much one of the only Italian places that we ever got to go.”

As newlyweds, the Gartons bought an Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass. They made the most of the deal. For $100, they had access to unlimited pasta and soft drinks at their local Olive Garden. And they ate there every day for nearly two months. “It saved us several hundred dollars when we really needed it,” Justin told Good Morning America.

The Gartons shared their new daughter’s name with a cute onesie on Twitter.

The name Olivia is a subtle homage to their pasta passion and honors Jordan’s Italian heritage. Olivia means peace in Latin. So naturally friends and family loved it. “When we told our friends and family, they picked up on the Olive Garden reference immediately,” Justin told Today. “They’ve been having a field day with it.”

The pun potential doesn’t stop there. In case you missed it, the baby’s initials will be O.M.G. And, that’s the general reaction as the Gartons story spreads. Justin is laughing right along.

Even Olive Garden shared its support.

“We couldn’t have been more thrilled upon hearing about the Garton’s growing family,” an Olive Garden spokeswoman told Good Morning America. “We always love hearing the unique ways our guests have been able to connect with Olive Garden, and we can’t wait to meet baby Olivia.”

In addition, the expecting parents can expect a special care package from Olive Garden’s corporate office to celebrate her birth.

Congratulations to the expectant parents!

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