Couple adorably rigged their family photo shoot for pregnancy announcement

Sharing pregnancy news with family is always a special time. Whether you choose to let your loved ones know that you’re expecting through a super-clever and social media-worthy announcement, or you keep it super-simple and old school, it’s always fun to see the reactions of those dear to us when they learn that a new member of the family is on the way.

When Michelle Balatero and her husband were ready to let their eight family members know about Michelle’s pregnancy, they opted for an adorable surprise.

First, they gathered everyone on the couch for what they thought was a family photo shoot. Seems innocent enough, right? However, no one but Michelle and her husband knew that the camera was actually in video mode, secretly recording everything.

Little Things

After pretending to take a few photos and encouraging everyone to smile, Michelle’s husband yells out, “On the count of three, everybody say, ‘Michelle’s pregnant!'”

And their family’s reaction is pretty priceless. Check out the video below to see the hilarious and sweet moment when everyone realizes the good news.

Little Things

It’s too cute. One of the couple’s daughters loudly exclaims, “Mommy’s pregnant?!”

The family can barely contain their excitement, embracing each other and breaking into shrieks and smiles. What an absolutely precious way to give family the good news! We wish this growing family all the best!

Watch the sweet video below.

One of our favorite parts of the video has to be that the little boy starts banging on the piano in presumed celebration. It really adds to the mood. Nice work, little man!

Other Clever Pregnancy Announcements

If you are ready to announce your pregnancy, but can’t quite pull off a prank as adorable as the Balateros, check out some of these adorable pregnancy announcement ideas instead.

1. The “Uh-Oh!” Face From The Big Sis

If you have older kids, definitely enlist them to help out with the announcement.

2. The Foul-Mouthed Realists

Let’s be real. Becoming a parent is no joke. Props to the parents who aren’t afraid to be honest. After all, having a baby can be quite scary, especially for first-timers! Yep. Things are about to get real.

3. The Perfect Pun

“Prego” pasta sauce announcements have been overdone, but there are still plenty of puns that get the message across.

4. The Clueless New Parents

It can be hard to go from being a young, carefree couple who loves to travel and have fun to becoming new parents. Kudos to those new moms and dads who aren’t afraid to be frank and say: “We’re in a little over our heads here!”

5. Bye-Bye, Bubbly

Becoming pregnant means that you have to give up a lot of things, including alcohol. This pregnancy announcement says it all. Don’t worry, mama, it’s worth it!

6. Grumpy Cat

Here’s another hilarious one. This cat’s face is priceless!

7. Elegant And Simple

And how chic is this one? You can imagine a regal mum like Kate Middleton announcing a pregnancy like this.