A Couple Got Married Mid-Flight So Her Mom With Stage 4 Cancer Could Attend

Recently, passengers on an Alaskan Airlines received a special surprise: a mid-flight wedding.

Flight attendant, Kristy Stratton, and Jim Larsen wed in February on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle. What’s special about this flight, is they met six years earlier on a layover to the same destination.

The bride told TODAY, “I was thinking of unique wedding ideas while driving home from a red-eye about a month before the wedding and thought it’d be a cool idea to get married on that exact flight.”

The most touching part? They pulled it off so Kristy’s mom, Billie Jo, could experience her daughter marry the man of her dreams. In September 2014, Billie Jo was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. On her bucket list? To see her daughter’s life in action: where she works, where she lives, and of course, to see her marry Jim.

Cue the tissues.

[h/t: TODAY]