This Couple Took Wedding Photos In The Costco Aisle Where They First Met

When these two strangers first met on the mac-and-cheese aisle of Costco, they didn’t know they’d found the love of their lives. But when your love of buying in bulk helps form the foundation of your relationship, it’s bound to be solid. It wasn’t long after meeting at Costco that Jessica and Brandon Brown became husband and wife.

To celebrate, they decided to take it back to where it all began. Just one month after saying “I do,” the couple had a celebratory photoshoot on none other than the mac-and-cheese aisle at Costco.

Costco photo
Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

The retailer featured their story and their photos on their Facebook page:

According to the post, it all started when Jessica was debating with her roommate about buying mac-and-cheese.

“I was saying how I wish it was good for you,” Jessica explained, according to the Costco Facebook page.

Costco photo
Getty Images | Spencer Platt

And that’s when Brandon, a complete stranger (but fellow Costco shopper) said, “It’s good for you. It’s cheese — and it’s Costco.”

Well, we’re not sure about the logic on that. But they exchanged numbers, and well, the rest is what brought them to this moment:

Not only did the couple pose where their connection first began, but they got shots all around their favorite store, which is in Waipahu, Hawaii:

And of course, they also stopped for pizza in the food court:

The couple told Insider that they feel the photos captured the story of their relationship in more ways than one. Sure, Costco is where they met, but the images also portray their fun-loving, playful natures, too.

“We really did it to commemorate our relationship and how we met,” the bride told Insider. “We’re a very playful couple, I think it contributes to the success of our relationship. He’s literally my best friend and we’re always up to some shenanigans.”

Costco photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a couple has let a big-box retailer serve as the backdrop for their wedding-related pics.

Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan posed for photographer Evan Rich at their favorite place to visit as a couple, Target.

Target photo
Getty Images | Alex Wong

This couple also had a great time in the food court, as you can see from Rich’s Instagram:

Here’s another couple who did a romantic photoshoot at Target! In honor of their first anniversary, West Virginia couple Lauren and Corey Rexroad put their wedding attire back on and posed for photos at a local Target store:

Of course, it’s possible to take quirky wedding photos at places other than big box stores. This couple, for example, got married at Disneyland in 2017 and took their “fairy tale” wedding pics there. Talk about memorable photos!

These couples had a lot of fun going an untraditional route for the wedding photoshoot. Does this have you feeling inspired to do the same?