Couple Married For 52 Years Wear Matching Outfits Every Single Day

This is definitely a case of #couplegoals if ever there were one.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s not about “me” or “you” it’s about “us.” And this couple takes that idea to the next level. As BuzzFeed points out, these sweet grandparents who’ve been married for 52 years have worn matching outfits everyday for the past year. And, to no surprise, they’ve gained quite a following for it.

This is definitely a case of #couplegoals if ever there were one. They have their grandson, Anthony Gargiula, to thank for their newfound fame.

Apparently, he noticed their matching outfits one day when he came over for a visit. Then he was informed that they dress like this everyday. He started posting photos of them on the internet, and well, here we are. Now, his grandparents have gone viral.

Ed and Fran Gargiula first started this trend when they used to match for church and dance class, the publication reports. Then, one day, when they didn’t wear matching outfits everyone asked them what caused the change. So, they just decided they’d match each and every day from then on out. How sweet!

Of course, the internet has reacted fondly to this pair. Who doesn’t love a good matching outfit? As it turns out, the Gargiulas are not the first couple to sport color-coordinated looks each day. Do you know those pink plastic flamingos? The kind people place in their lawns? Well, the guy who invented them ALSO wore matching outfits with his wife each day. And not just for one year, but for 37 years!

As for the Gargiulas, when Anthony told them they’d gone viral, they were pleased to hear the news. Now, they love their new fans. And boy oh boy, do we love them too!