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This Fashionable Japanese Couple Wears Matching Outfits Every Day

We love these two!

When you’ve been married as long as this couple has been, you’re bound to have picked up some of each other’s habits over the years. Well, it appears as though this couple has picked up a dressing tip or two along the way because they could practically share wardrobes at this point!

The couple responsible for creating the bonpon511 Instagram account are in their 60s, have been married for 37 years and dress in matching ensembles each and every day.

How do they do it? Coordination is key. Based on their Instagram photos, their closets are filled with all sorts of matching patterns and complementary colors.

If the husband wears a plaid shirt, the wife wears a plaid dress. See how this works?

It’s hard enough to coordinate one matching outfit for ourselves every day, so this surely takes some serious planning on their part. And that makes the internet able to appreciate them so much more. Talk about couple goals!

Sine their first post just 13 weeks from the time of publication, they’ve gained a following of 177,000 on Instagram.

ブラックウォッチコーデ。 bonのダッフルコートとponのパンツがお揃い。 赤プリは私達の愛車。フィガロは娘の愛車。 #couple #over60 #fashion #coordinate #outfit #ootd #instafashion #instaoutfit #instagramjapan #whitehair #silverhair #greyhair #夫婦 #60代 #ファッション #コーディネート #夫婦コーデ #今日のコーデ #グレイヘア #白髪 #共白髪 * [追記] 沢山の「いいね!」とフォロー、そして温かいコメントの数々ありがとうございます❣️お一人お一人にお返事を差し上げたい気持ちは山々ですが、とても追い付きません??まとめてのお返事でごめんなさい? 今回のpicのbonのダッフルコートは、先日久しぶりにヤフオクで落としたJ.PRESSのものです。大人っぽいロング丈のダッフルコートを探していて見つけました❣️価格は3500円。他に入札者がいなかったのですんなり落札できました?状態も良く一生着れそうです。 ponの赤いジャケットは数年前にZARAのセールで購入したものです。形がとても可愛かったので赤?と黒⚫️の色違いで買いました。 コメントによくある質問で「コーディネートはどちらが決めているのですか?」と聞かれることがありますが、基本二人で決めています。その日の気分や、観に行く美術展や映画の内容に合わせて決めたりしています。 新たにフォローしてくださった皆様、ありがとうございます❣️拙い夫婦の写真ですが、これからもよろしくお願いします??

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Of course, if you’re looking for more couple-dressing inspiration, you can certainly find it online. Ask, and the internet will deliver.

For instance, this couple who’s been married for 52 years recently got a lot of exposure when their grandson shared photos of their matching outfits with the online world. According to their grandson, they match each and every single day, also.

If you’re working to convince your partner to start dressing just like you, these photos might just help you prove your case. Because seriously, it just doesn’t get more adorable than this.

To all of the couples out there—it’s time to start amping up your attire. You’ve definitely got some inspiration to guide you!