Magical Photos Capture Couple’s Disneyland Fairy Tale Wedding

Sarah Kabiling and Gilbert Hernandez have had a long-time love of all things Disney. Their engagement photo shoot was “Tangled” themed.  Their first vacation was to Disneyland. And with so many Disney milestones throughout their relationship, it made sense they’d tie the knot in the grandest fairy-tale fashion.

The couple got married at Disneyland, and the photos from their wedding day are pure magic.

We can’t think of a more perfect setting to start your “happily ever after.” Kabiling and Hernandez obviously nailed it with this one!

Their ceremony and reception took place in the Rose Court Garden and the Trillium. And it came together just as they’d always imagined.

Sharing the magic of Disneyland

“We were inspired to have a Fairy-Tale Wedding at Disneyland because we wanted to share the magic and wonder we feel when we’re at the parks with our closest friends and family,” the groom told PopSugar. “Sarah’s always been my princess, and I wanted us to have a wedding that truly makes her feel like one.”

It’s just not the full princess treatment unless there’s a carriage involved. So that’s exactly what the bride had for her photo shoot! How stunning is this shot?

She’s a real-life Cinderella in that cascading wedding dress. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Apparently her dress was custom-made, and it sure looks made just for her.

Of course, their wedding day couldn’t have been made possible without the help of Disney’s expert wedding planning team.

“Our Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings provides couples a one-stop shopping for all of their wedding planning needs from immersive wedding locations, from floral to decor, world renowned entertainment, food and beverage, photography/videography and all of the trimmings for their wedding event,” a Disney spokesperson wrote to ABC News. “Our dedicated Disney Wedding Planners help design and take care of all of the wedding elements so couples can relax and enjoy their day.”

Feeling inspired to get the Disney royal treatment on your wedding day? There are definitely options for you. Disney packages start at $4,000 for renting certain resort locations. But depending on where you’d like to rent (and when, given certain times are more in-demand than others), it could cost you up to $50,000 or more.

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Or you can simply create your own Disney-themed wedding. The choice is entirely yours on how you make your wedding wishes come true!

Congratulations to this lovely couple.