Couple’s Gorgeous Winter Waterfall Engagement Photos Go Viral

Most engagement photos warm the heart. But one young couple decided to aim for something more chilling.

Earlier this winter, Josh Morris and his fiancée, Morgan Daye, went with photographer friend Kellie Elmore to Bald River Falls in southeastern Tennessee for an engagement photo session. Not only was the 90-foot waterfall at the head of the Tellico River one of their favorite spots, they also had heard it had mostly frozen over.

Many other people were headed to see the frozen falls, so traffic was terrible. The couple and photographer got out of their car and walked the remaining two miles to the falls — in the 25 degree weather!

But the freezing cold trek was well worth it, judging by the stunning images Elmore captured of Daye and Morris beside the frozen falls.


The photos of the elegant, winter waterfall shoot have since gone viral with outlets like People, Cosmopolitan and Insider sharing the pics.

Both the couple and photographer were taken aback by the response:

The windy, frigid conditions and slippery ice didn’t make the photoshoot easy. Daye’s open-back dress meant that freezing waterfall spray hit her exposed skin. And she was wearing rubber rain boots under her sparkly purple gown.

Elmore told Lonely Planet that she wasn’t able to direct the couple very well over the sound of the falls. So many of the photos captured the couple, who attend the same ministry school, just having fun together.

The icy waterfall setting was so fantastical that it made some question whether Morris and Daye were Photoshopped into it. The photographer explained in a Facebook post that she only added a few effects and retouching:

Besides the frozen falls photos, Elmore has also taken some less frigid-looking — though equally elegant! — photos of Daye and Morris:

Since their photoshoot, the young lovebirds have settled on Hiwassee River Weddings as their wedding venue, according to a post on Morris’ Facebook page. Their May 11 nuptials will have water front and center, too.

Now their riverside wedding photos just have to top their waterfall engagement shoot. Congratulations to the happy couple!