This Couple’s Three Kids Were All Born On The Same Day—Each A Year Apart

File this one under the “how’d they do that?!” category.

One couple in North Dakota welcomed a healthy baby boy on Sept. 1. The baby, it turns out, shares a birthday with not only his 1-year-old sister but with his 2-year-old brother as well. In other words, mom Lauren Stevenson has given birth on the same day, Sept. 1, three years in a row.

The baby, Henry Lee, was born just one day past his due date of Aug. 31. His big brother, Axel Lee, and big sister, Tommie Lee, both had due dates of Sept. 4 but each arrived three days early.

The siblings’ well-timed arrivals were a first for the doctor who delivered all three.

“He said he’s never delivered three babies a year apart on the same day,” Stevenson told ABC News. “It’s been the first time in his career.” Stevenson said she and husband, Seth, didn’t plan to have their kids on the the same day—it just turned out that way.

As for Sept. 1 of next year? Stevenson said she hopes to have one big birthday party for all three of their kids. That’ll certainly be quite the celebration!