Cowboy Boot Sandals Are Here Just In Time for Summer

Cowboy boots are undoubtedly cute, but when summertime hits, the adorable footwear turns into leather foot prisons. That was until Scotty Franklin solved this problem for cowboy boot lovers across the world with Redneck Boot Sandals.

In 2012, Franklin was sitting on Alabama’s Gulf Shores when he saw a man walking down the beach in cowboy boots. Leather boots and hot sand are not an ideal situation. So Franklin looked at his own flip-flops and wondered how he could combine the two types of footwear into something more breathable. Hence, Redneck Boot Sandals was invented out of his Springfield, Missouri, home.

Redneck Boot Sandals

People Want To Buy The Cowboy Boot Sandals Off His Feet

Since that day, Franklin supposedly can’t wear a pair of his boot sandals without someone wanting to buy them right off his feet, according to his website. Men and women alike rave for these airy, breezy boot alternatives.

Check them out in this video from In The Know:

How To Transform Your Cowboy Boots To Sandals

Here’s how it works: Choose a pair of boots from your closet that you’d like to turn into sandals, decide if you want them to be flip flop-style or with double straps, and mail them into Redneck Boot Sandals for reconstruction.

In about six weeks your boots will be ready for hot weather for years to come! The service is $150 plus $25 shipping — a steep incline from 2015 when the service was just $50 plus shipping.

Thanks to @hits973 and @itsfrankiep for this gem of an Instagram share!

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Boot Sandals: Not So New?

The boot/sandal combination isn’t necessarily that novel. You can purchase more stylish boot sandals from various well-known brands. But as far as we can tell, this is the only cowboy boot variation on the market. Unsurprisingly, Texans are the biggest buyers of Redneck Boot Sandals. Considering that we Texans go for crazy ideas, like ramen-flavored beer, cowboy boot sandals really aren’t such a stretch.

Redneck Boot Sandals isn’t yet manufacturing their own products, but retailers can contact the company if they are interested in selling or distributing reconstructed cowboy boot sandals.

If you’re a cowboy boot fan afraid of stinky feet this summer, here’s hoping some of our favorite retailers start carrying them!

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More Ways To Customize Your Shoes

If you’re looking for other ways to keep things interesting with your shoes, then how about considering a pair you can customize yourself?

Shoe company KI ecobe has developed a process that allows the customer to create their own shoe through an interactive online ordering system.

This method “allows the consumer to express his or her character by selecting materials and colors and custom building their own shoe on our online store,” according to its Kickstarter campaign information.

Ki ecobe | Kickstarter

More Than 10,000 Shoe Customization Options

The company claims that each customer has 10,125 possible custom combinations in the palm of their hand to create the perfect shoe. Choices included 15 colors of straps, another 15 color choices for boots, three outsole color options, 15 colors of shoelaces — but only one insole color choice (they had to limit it somewhere, right?)

This shoe can go from outdoor function and durability to a slipper, while the inner part of the shoe is 100 percent washable.

KI ecobe developers released a video showcasing how they build the shoe and what the company’s goals are in their process and product.

Once you put together your perfect pair of shoes, the components of the new shoes will be shipped to you, where you can then assemble them at your leisure. And once you have those components at home, there are multiple ways in which you can assemble and wear them, based upon whether you’re inside or outside, and whether it’s hot or cold.