Cracker Jack Has Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn

Popcorn is a beloved snack any time of year, but around the holidays, it seems like people love it even more. Big tubs of different-flavored popcorn are catch-all gifts that tend to delight anyone who receives them. Whether you like butter, kettle, caramel or cheese corn — or a combination of all of the above — there’s a little something for everyone.

Of course, cookies are another popular treat during the holiday season, and sugar cookies are a holiday classic. Now, thanks to a new flavor from Cracker Jack, you can have your popcorn and eat your sugar cookies, too.

Cracker Jack Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn is only available for a limited time, and as of now, it looks like it already may be hard to come by. Both the single-pack and the 4-pack are out of stock on

However, it’s still being shown on Instacart, and bags have also popped up on eBay starting at $5 (plus shipping), so hopefully you can still get your hands on some this season.


Wondering what this magical-sounding popcorn actually tastes like? According to the review over at Junk Banter, the flavor is described as being more like a super-sweet vanilla than an actual sugar cookie. The popcorn lacks the complexity that comes from sugar cookies, including a strong butter flavor and a hint of salt, but it still makes for a sweet, festive popcorn treat to enjoy around the holidays.

And just like with traditional Cracker Jack products, there is a surprise inside the box.

If you’re having trouble tracking down this particular product, SkinnyPop also introduced two new holiday popcorn flavors this year: white chocolate peppermint and gingerbread cookie popcorn. They have just 70 calories per cup, so it’s a great way to indulge in some festive snacking without too much heaviness.