Cranberry ‘Coins’ Are Thin, Crispy And Delicious

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of baking delicious, homemade cookies. Sure, slicing up the store-bought dough is nice, but knowing you made a log of sweet, sugary dough all on your own — that’s a sense of accomplishment unlike any other.

No one understands the extra-special factor of making something from scratch better than Martha Stewart, and now she’s gifted us with this recipe for cranberry “coin” cookies, which calls for just six simple ingredients: confectioners’ sugar, vanilla extract, flour, butter, salt and dried cranberries.

And if that didn’t sound amazing enough, the adapted Martha Stewart recipe from The Apron Archives also calls for sanding sugar to make a decorative topping to each cookie.

After all the ingredients are combined, you’ll roll the dough into a log and chill it in the refrigerator. Once it’s had some time to set, it’s time for that therapeutic moment of slicing the dough and baking the “coins.”

With each cookie rolled in an extra bit of sanding sugar, you’ll wind up with something that looks amazing and tastes even better:

The Apron Archives

If you’re looking to build on this simple recipe, there are ways to add a couple more ingredients for some extra flavor and/or crunch.

For example, a recipe from I Heart Naptime suggests adding a bit of orange zest to the dough for even more fruity flavor. This version even dunks the cookies in white chocolate once they’re done baking — just in case you’re of the mindset that it’s not dessert unless there’s chocolate involved:

I Heart Naptime

And there’s a version from Baked by Rachel that also calls for orange zest along with pistachios, packing even more crunch into every bite of this thin, crispy cookie:

Baked by Rachel

Ready to make some homemade cookies? Take your pick of any of these slice-and-bake recipes to create the ultimate dessert experience in your very own kitchen!

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