Crayola Reveals The Color Of Their New Crayon

Will it stand the test of time?

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Crayola officially retired the classic “Dandelion” crayon from its 24-pack in March. Now, the crayon company’s new color has been announced, and it’s… blue. No name yet, but cool nonetheless—especially since this new hue was actually inspired by science.

The new blue crayon will join the ranks of Cerulean, Indigo and Blue in the 24-pack, but it won’t be precisely the same (also, Cerulean is the best of the blue crayons, and if you disagree you’re wrong).

“Fans in North America have told us through previous polls and surveys that blue is their favorite color,” said Melanie Boulden, a senior vice president, in an interview with NPR.

This new blue crayon is actually really, really new. The pigment, called YInMn Blue, was only discovered a few years ago during a happy accident at Oregon State University.

The YInMn Blue pigment was discovered by chemist Mas Subramanian in 2009 while researching new materials for use in electronics, and it was the first new blue pigment to be discovered in centuries.