This Crayon Box Eyeshadow Palette Is Perfect For Rocking Bright Eye Makeup

If you’re occasionally a fan of wearing makeup but have yet to figure out why on Earth anyone would spend more than than a few dollars on your look, I am right there with you.

And now, I am here to tell you that we are not alone, my bare-faced friends. There’s a whole slew of us who just don’t take the makeup game seriously — so not seriously, in fact, that a new eyeshadow palette looks perfect for our taste (or lack of, if you will).

The Box of Crayons iShadow palette is a veritable rainbow of eyeshadow choices, delivering the same colors you’d find in a box of crayons: blue, green, red, yellow, orange and even lime green!

The Crayon Case

While it’s not quite your standard 24-pack of coloring utensils, you will find 18 different eyeshadow shades for $30, meaning each one costs about $1.65 each. Not bad! And if you mix the shades — say, perhaps, for a smoky eye — your money will go even further.

The Crayon Case

Yes, the some of the shades are VERY bright, but those ones could be used as liners while you save the more subtle colors for all over your eyelid. And of course, the more unusual shades — like black — would also be handy for Halloween or a costume party. The possibilities are endless, even for those of us who haven’t quite mastered how some people do their makeup so well.

The shades seem to be highly pigmented. Check out just how bright the color remains on these swatches below:

And take a look at the packaging — it is almost as neat as the colors inside:

The Crayon Case

The Box of Crayons eyeshadow palette is sold by a company called The Crayon Case, a makeup line dedicated to amateur makeup users and anyone looking to add a little color to their life.

Other school-inspired products will take you right back to your youth, like this Eye Glue Stick, an eyeshadow primer that helps your eyeshadow stay on all day. Looking just like trusty ol’ Elmer’s glue, it is only $10 and is sure to keep those bright colors popping!

The Crayon Case

This isn’t the first time crayons have inspired some pretty amazing colors in the makeup world. Clinique and Crayola joined forces last year to create some stunning lipsticks in our favorite crayon colors, like Wild Strawberry, Mango Tango and Fuzzy Wuzzy. If those names don’t take you back to your childhood, I don’t know what will!

What do you think of the Box of Crayons iShadow Palette? Could you see yourself wearing these eyeshadow shades?