Creative Mother Shows Us How To Be Grateful For Our Chores

Grateful, appreciative, thankful. These are not words we typically associate with household chores. Honestly, when was the last time the thought of scrubbing out the fridge brought a huge smile to your face?

Moments A Day blogger Chelsea Lee may not always be smiling as she performs her chores, but she has learned to be grateful for them, as evidenced in this gratitude list below.


The concept is that each task we have to complete represents something that we can appreciate. Whether it is clothing to wash, food to be cooked or kids to be corralled, these responsibilities can feel like chores or they can help us count our blessings, depending on our perspective.

Rather than looking at the dirty fridge as yet another dreaded project on your list of things to do, instead think about what it means to have a refrigerator. You have enough food that it needs to be stored, you have electricity to run the refrigerator and you have a place to call home.

These are not privileges everyone has, which is why Lee has taken her appreciation one step further.

She is selling a downloadable “I Am Grateful” poster for $10 (frame not included). The money she receives from the project is donated to Kiva, an organization that loans money to mothers in developing nations for schooling, to start their own businesses and to become leaders in their communities.

Moments A Day

A Kiva loan aims to give women a leg up. It also gives them an opportunity to feel grateful, which, as this list reminds us, is a really good feeling to have.