10 Creative Products Made Specifically For Left-Handers

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If you’re a lefty, you’ve definitely experienced the frustration of trying to fit your hands into a normal pair of scissors or uncomfortably fitting your arm over a spiral notebook. Most of us right-handers don’t think about the daily struggle of lefties, so why not brighten up someone’s day by gifting them a present tailored just for their lifestyle?

If you know any left-handers that would like something that would make their life a little bit easier, consider getting them one of these 10 creative products.

1. Left-Handed Notebook

Avoid the painful interruptions of wire coils with this notebook designed specifically for lefties.


Lefty’s Circle Logo Wide Ruled Notebooks, $6.95

2. Left-Handed Baker’s Kitchen Set

Cooking will get a lot easier with this kitchen set that includes an oven mitt, measuring cup, and bamboo cooking tools.


Left-handed Bamboo Utensil Kitchen Tool Set, $34.95

3. Left-Hand Calligraphy Kit

Learn the art of calligraphy with this set that includes a pen, ink cartridges, and calligraphy lids, along with guided instructions.


Left Handed Calligraphy MasterClass, $22

4. Left-Handed Keyboard

This keyboard is ideal for lefties, as the number pad is placed on the left, making for a much more comfortable typing experience.


Left Handed Keyboard, $59.50

5. Left-Handed Pocket-Knife

This 7-piece pocket knife includes a screwdriver and corkscrew amongst other useful tools, and its handle is designed for maximum comfort for left-handers.


Boker Plus Tech-Tool, 51.95

6. 2016 Left-Hander’s Desk Calendar

Lefties will be amused by this daily desk calendar that provides interesting facts and trivia about left-handers.


Left Hander’s Desk Calendar, $21

7. 5-Piece Tool Kit Set

These household items are designed to make any left-hander’s handiwork that much easier, and they include funny little lefty puns, adding a little cheer to their chores.


Left-handed Household Tool Gift Set, $40

8. iPad Case

This iPad case is oriented for left-handers, with a legal-sized notepad on the lefthand side of the portfolio. Fits an iPad 2 and 3.


Lefty’s Zippered Red Left-Handed Eco-Leather Padfolio, $50

9.Easy Left Handed Pen with Refills

This refillable pen is designed for optimal comfort for left-handers and conveniently comes with three refills.


Stabilo ‘S Move Easy Left Handed Pen, $17.99

10. Art Palette

A great gift for any artist in your life, this palette is meant to be held in the right hand, making it ideal for left-handed painters.


New Wave Art Palette Expressionist Confidant, $44.96