12 Creative Ways To Repurpose A Picture Frame

Maybe the glass broke or you just don’t have space on your wall for yet another picture frame— no matter the reason, you’ve likely got some picture frames that aren’t in use lying around somewhere, am I right? I thought so.

If you’re looking for a way to put those frames to good use, you can try any of these creative ways to repurpose an old frame.

1. Picture Frame Mirror

Instead of framing a photo, why not frame a mirror? Follow this tutorial.

Style At Home

2. Magnets

If your your walls are filled with photos, then it’s time to cover your fridge, naturally. Follow this tutorial.

Crafty Nest

3. Menu Board

Let your friends and family know what’s for dinner with this DIY menu board so you never have to hear “What’s for dinner?” again. Follow this tutorial.

Hoosier Homemade

4. Earring Holder

If you’re looking for an organized and beautiful way to display your earrings, look no further. Follow this tutorial.


5. Office Organizer

This is way better than having some kind of clunky magazine folder on your desk, isn’t it? Follow this tutorial.

The Wishful Thinker

6. Car Key Holder

Never lose your keys again, but still display them in an attractive way. It’s the best of both worlds. Follow this tutorial.

The Purple Carrot

7. Shelving Unit

Turn your frames into shelves, if you’re still interested in hanging them on your wall somehow. Follow this tutorial.

Shanty 2 Chic

8. Pincushion

For a cute way do keep your pins organized by turning a frame into a pincushion. Follow this tutorial.

Craftaholics Anonymous

9. DIY Terrarium

Build your very own indoor greenhouse using old picture frames. How cute is this? Follow this tutorial.

Country Living

10. Bathroom Organizer

Who knew your nail polish didn’t have to wind up in a pile in the back corner of a cabinet? This is a genius storage method. Follow this tutorial.

Bad Housewife

11. Memo Board

Twine and an old frame turns into a cute way to display honey to-do lists and the like. Follow this tutorial.

Shanty 2 Chic

12. Wreath

Make a fun and festive wreath for cheap by repurposing an old picture frame. Follow this tutorial.

Frugal Homemaker

[h/t: Tiphero]