10 Creative Ways You Can Substitute Greek Yogurt In Your Diet

When it comes to Greek yogurt, most of us just stick to enjoying it with a side of berries and granola. Although I can’t deny that the combo is a tasty and nutritious snack, yogurt has so much more potential, and it’s easy to turn the calcium- and protein-filled treat from an occasional afternoon snack to a culinary staple.

Greek yogurt can be used in a variety of dishes as a substitute for common cooking ingredients, and since it’s low in fat and high in calcium and protein, it can take an otherwise unhealthy dish and lighten it up in an instant.

If you’re looking to clean up your cooking and make use of your yogurt, consider these 10 ways you can substitute Greek yogurt into your cooking.

1. As Mayonnaise In Sandwiches And Salads

Rather than using mayonnaise as a spread on sandwiches or in salad dressings, use Greek yogurt instead. It still provides that creaminess and tang, but it will be sure to keep your lunch light and low-fat.


2. As Cream In Pasta

Instead of loading your pasta dish with heavy cream, opt for Greek yogurt instead. The thick consistency of the yogurt works well to coat the pasta, and as an added bonus, your dish will have extra protein.

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3. As Sour Cream

Greek yogurt makes a great substitute for sour cream, whether it’s on a potato or in your burrito bowl. The consistency is extremely similar, and you’ll be surprised how little you’ll miss the real stuff.

Bowl of chicken tortilla soup

4. As Cream In Frosting

Who doesn’t love a creamy frosting? But typical cream cheese and heavy cream frostings are filled with fat and sugar. Try using Greek yogurt and mixing it with vanilla, honey or cocoa for extra flavor.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on a rack

5. As Milk In A Smoothie

Greek yogurt adds a thick texture to smoothies, and it is a good replacement for regular milk or ice cream. It also makes for a great post-workout snack, and it’s filled with protein.


6. As Oil In Baked Goods

Instead of filling up your baked goods with oil and butter, go for Greek yogurt instead. Just swap out the amount of oil in each recipe for yogurt, and you’ll find your pastries are still moist without all that extra fat.

Moist Chocolate Sponge Cake Brownie Pieces in Black Plate. Organic Desert.

7. As Heavy Cream In Soups

Some otherwise healthy soups call for heavy cream, but no one wants to ruin a nutritious dish with such a rich ingredient. Instead, opt for Greek yogurt, which still gives you that creamy consistency without all the guilt.

Butternut squash soup with pumpkin seed and fresh butternut squash

8. As A Base For Creamy Dips

Whether it’s tzatziki or French onion dip, Greek yogurt can act as the base for any type of creamy dip. Use it as a replacement for sour cream, cream cheese, or butter and just season the dip as you normally would.

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9. As A Meat Marinade

Ditch the butter and cream, and eat your meat with some Greek yogurt instead. You can top any grilled meat with a Greek yogurt marinade, whether it’s chicken, fish, or steak. Just season the yogurt with your favorite spices (or maybe some lemon), and serve as a complement to your meal.

Meatballs in sour cream and tomato sauce in a pan on a dark stone or slate table.

10. In Creamy Popsicles

Everyone loves a good creamsicle from time to time, but why ruin a healthy homemade popsicle with heavy cream? Scoop a dollop of Greek yogurt into your popsicle molds for a frozen yogurt treat that’s good even beyond summer.

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