Creepy Or Clever? A Van Gogh Plush Doll Comes With A Detachable Ear

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If you’re a fan of art, you likely know the story of artist Vincent Van Gogh cutting off his ear and giving it to a prostitute. The exact reason why is still debated, but some say its the result of a fight with his friend and fellow artist Paul Gaugin. Either way, the story is infamous in the art community, and references are often made about giving away your ear to someone you love.

And now, if you want to, you too can give away Van Gogh’s ear to someone who has your heart. While in a museum gift shop, Reddit user nocturnalvoice found a Van Gogh plush doll that comes with a detachable ear labeled “I’m Van Gogh, My Ear Comes Off, Give It To Someone You Love.” Now that’s a doll you don’t see everyday.

Whether this particular show of affection is right up your alley or it’s too weird for you to even fathom, you don’t have to step inside a museum to get one of these dolls of your own. The “Vincent Van Gogh Plus Little Thinker Doll” is available on Amazon, and it’s sold by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild for $29.99. If you’re looking for the next gift for an art-lover you know, you may have just found one.