Netflix Releases The First Trailer For Its Most Expensive Series To Date

What would you do with $156 millions dollars? Maybe you’d take the trip of your lifetime? Or possibly buy your own private island? For Netflix, this $156 million was spent on one (yes, just one) season of their upcoming new original series, “The Crown.” This makes the new series Netflix’s most expensive to date.

“The Crown,” which debuts this November, will take you to Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street (the Queen’s headquarters).

According to Netflix, the story reveals the personal intrigues, political rivalries and romance behind the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

With an expense budget of $156 million dollars, and Netflix behind the creation, the series is sure to be binge-worthy material. And from the looks of the first full-length trailer, “The Crown” may be worth every penny.

The series chronologically follows Queen Elizabeth II’s life from past to present. Showing the most critical and memorable moments in her life throughout her reign as Queen of Great Britain.

According to Wired, the first season will take place in the 1940s following the life of a young Princess Elizabeth as she prepares to marry Prince Philip, and assume her role as Queen. Who doesn’t love a royal wedding?


The first 10 episodes of the series will be available to watch on Netflix starting November 4. The idea is to have six seasons, each with 10 episodes to coordinate with the 60 years (and counting) of Queen Elizabeth’s life and reign.


Cue the popcorn and immerse yourself into the life of the world’s most famous monarchy. We can’t wait.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]