Cuban Cigars Can Now Legally Be Purchased And Brought Back To The US

For the first time in decades, it’s now legal for American to buy Cuban cigars and liquor in other countries like Europe and bring them back to the US. The changes go into effect today (Wednesday). In the past, American have legally been able to purchase only $100 worth of Cuban cigars and return to the states.

Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary said, “Today’s steps build on the actions of the last 15 months as we continue to break down economic barriers, empower the Cuban people and advance their financial freedoms, and chart a new course in U.S.-Cuba relations.”

According to Time, this announcement is timed alongside the Transportation Department’s ease up on travel restrictions to Cuba. Historically, only certain Americans were allowed to visit Cuba. Now, travelers can go on “people to people” educational trips.

Photo by alexbrn


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