How to Make Refreshing Homemade Cucumber Juice and 5 Ways To use it This Summer

Looking for an alternative to your boring fruit juices? (Yes, I’m looking at you orange, grapefruit and cranberry.) Well, get ready for the wonders of cucumber juice. It’s refreshing, thirst-quenching and features a slightly sweet, crisp flavor that isn’t overpowering in any way.

The flavor is neither sugary nor tart and it doesn’t taste too vegetable-y. Anyone who has tasted the cool delightfulness of a cucumber libation knows it makes for a perfect base for cocktails and sangria, and it’s great in detoxifying juice blends or simply on its own over ice. Not mention it’s clean, crisp and unique flavor profile makes it ideal for summertime sipping!

In addition to the cucumber’s well-rounded flavor profile, the vegetable is packed with vitamins, electrolytes and is very high in water content — meaning it’s ideal for hydration. Plus, it’s known for some amazing health benefits the include boosting your immune system, preventing osteoporosis thanks to minerals that include potassium, and helping your metabolism stay in high gear. For anyone looking to lose weight, it’s known as a natural diuretic that aids in waste removal. Bye bye, toxins!

How to make cucumber juice

So how do you make cucumber juice? Blogger Homemade Zagat kicks up the flavor with some lime juice and ginger, and she showed us how easy it was to make with her own recipe Essentially, you peel and wash cucumbers, chop them up and blend them with water before straining them a couple times to remove the pulp. Add your citrus, ginger and sweeteners to taste — and voila!

Now, here’s five ways to put your new cucumber juice to the test:


1. Cucumber Lime Granita

For a light, flavor-packed dessert, try blogger Abbey’s Kitchen’s Cucumber Lime Granita, which has a tropical twist thanks to ripe mango. With a kick of spice from the jalapeño and a light sweet taste from pure agave, it’s a great alternative to ice cream in the summer.

Abbey's Kitchen

2. Cucumber Cool Green Juice

Start your day right with this cleansing juice from The Blender Girl. Using an apple for sweetness, this nutrient-packed green juice is as good for you as it is green (and yummy)!

cucumber juice photo

3. Cucumber Juice Face Mask

While you don’t consume this face mask (although you could!), it’s good for combating keeping your skin looking refreshed. Simply apply this homemade to your face and neck, let sit for 15 minutes and wash skin with cool water. Other variations on the mask involve adding aloe vera, oatmeal or yogurt.

cucumber photo
Getty Images | Joern Pollex

4. Tzatziki with Cucumber Pulp

Wondering what to do with leftover pulp from your cucumber juice? Why not make this uber-delicious and healthy tzatziki, a dip traditionally served alongside grilled meat? Blogger Joy of Kosher uses her pulp and mixes it with Greek yogurt, spices, garlic and pickles to create this excellent cold dip.

tzatziki photo
Flickr | dcarlbom

5. Cucumber Vodka Soda

It’s happy hour somewhere, right? Consider How Sweet Eats’ cucumber vodka soda recipe next time you want to unwind. Zesty lime, effervescent water and fresh cucumber juice makes this beverage a winner in any book!  

How Sweet Eats

Now, who’s ready to juice?