Cupid’s Crunch Is A Colorful Valentine’s Day Snack

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Valentine’s Day comes once a year and you’ve got to make the most of it. Cupid’s Crunch — a munchable snack that’s a little bit salty and a little bit sweet — is definitely the way to go.

The recipe from This Mama Loves proves that you can make the snack extra Valentine’s Day-themed by going with pink candy melts instead of just a simple milk chocolate. All in all, you’ll need popcorn, candy melts, pretzels, M&Ms and sprinkles. You’ll combine the popcorn, pretzels, and M&Ms, drizzle the mixture with melted chocolate, and use a rubber spatula to combine. Spread the mixture out on wax paper to dry. Once the chocolate has hardened, you can break into bite-sized pieces and store them until you’re ready to eat.

Your colorful Valentine’s Day treat will look a little something like this in the end:

This Mama Loves

This is perfect to put into individual baggies to pass out to a classroom full of kids, your co-workers, or anyone you’d like to spread a little love to this Feb. 14.

There are different recipes for Cupid’s Crunch online. If you’d like to swap out one of the ingredients above, you can also make a sweet and salty treat that calls for slightly different snacking options. For example, this recipe from Everyday Made Fresh swaps popcorn for Chex cereal and uses melted white chocolate chips to hold everything together, making this one delicious mid-morning treat:

Everyday Made Fresh

If you are hosting a movie night, you might want to serve the Cupid’s Crunch recipe from More Than A Mom Of Three, which calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips, buttery popcorn, and marshmallows. It sounds like it would pair perfectly with a glass of wine and a rom-com, honestly.

More Than A Mom Of Three

Then there’s a Cupid’s Crunch mix that’s a little on the healthier side as far as snacking options go: The recipe comes from the Pudge Factor and calls for ingredients such as Cheerios, peanuts, Craisins, and red, pink and white M&Ms.

Pudge Factor

No matter which option suits your snacking pleasure, there’s no going wrong with these sweet treats to celebrate Feb. 14!

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