These curse word oven mitts are perfect for home cooks with attitude

Cooking can be frustrating. From burning dinner to the should-have-been delicious brownies sticking to the pan even though you know you greased it, to the general aftermath of a cooking session, it’s not as easy as it looks on Pinterest.

And if walls could talk, boy oh boy would our kitchen have a lot to say about the words that may or may not have come flying out of our mouths when things didn’t go as planned, am I right?


If you, too, struggle to keep your naughty words to a minimum while making your meals, get out your holiday wish list because we have just the thing for you! Cursing chef: Meet curse word oven mitt, your new favorite kitchen utensil. From, you’ll find eight different styles, all with not-so-nice sayings to help you out—or at least agree with your behavior—the next time your cooking adventure goes a bit off the rails.

One word of warning: Naughty words ahead. If curse words offend you, we suggest you stop reading now.

With phrases like “F— this s—-” and “I’ve got a knife,” it’s pretty safe to say that these belong in the kitchen of someone who likes to express themselves. Sooo… probably not the best gift for Grandma.

There are also tamer ones for when you’re still having a hard time watching your mouth, but just don’t care. Because you are confident in your kitchen wizardry. These mitts sport phrases like “B—–s get stuff done” and “Droppin’ a new recipe on your a–.”

There are also mitts that are more sassy and less potty mouth-y, like “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” and “My favorite salad is wine.” Mom and maybe a super-cool grandma could probably appreciate those.

Lastly, if you do somehow manage to make an amazing meal, or know a good cook who likes to swear just for the—*ahem*—heck of it, the “this is f—-ing delicious” mitt is seriously perfect.

You can find all the mitts for around $12.50 at, with $4.99 shipping on your total order.

If you’re giving these as gifts, why not add to the hilarity and wrap it up in some quirky wrapping paper? Anything food-related or, better yet, “You’re a holiday hot mess” seems more than appropriate.