High School Custodian Stocks A ‘Care Closet’ For Homeless Students

Carolyn Collins is a custodian at Tucker High School in Tucker, Georgia. But she does a lot more than clean up the school. For the past three years, Collins has taken it upon herself to collect clothes, school supplies and food for the school’s homeless students. She keep her supplies in the “Care Closet” which is located in a corner of the cafeteria and often uses her own money to keep it stocked.

Everything in “Care Closet” is free for kids who are less fortunate to take what they need. Collins estimates that she helps between 20 to 30 students a year. However, she believes there are even more students who could benefit.

“There’s probably more of them, but a lot of kids don’t say anything,” Collins told 11 Alive. “I tell the teachers a lot, ‘If you see a child with their head down, the same clothes on day after day, let me know.'”

Watch her talk to 11 Alive about why she feels it’s her duty to help these students:

Collins took notice of the problem while working the early shift three years ago. She saw that kids were dropped off early because they had nowhere else to go. Her motivation to help young people is also personal, as her own son was killed in a home invasion. She believes that such crimes are born out of need because the perpetrators have been disadvantaged.

“These are our babies,” she said. “They just want to learn. I just want to take care of them. Some of them sleeping in cars, some in hotels.”

Local residents can help out Collins’ cause by leaving donations at the front desk of Tucker High School at the attention of Carolyn Collins:

Tucker High School
5036 Lavista Rd
Tucker, GA 30084

There is also a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for the “Care Closet.”

Kudos to Collins for going above and beyond her job description and doing her part to make sure these underprivileged kids can get the most basic of necessities!

[H/T: 11 Alive]