You Can Get Custom Pajamas With Your Pet’s Face On Them

If you're an animal lover, you'll want a pair of these!

As pet owners, we all think that our Fido or Fluffy is the cutest animal ever. And to capitalize on that love, one enterprising fashion company has come up with the perfect gift for any dog or cat parent: a pair of custom pajamas that feature your pet’s face as the print!

For $179, Patricia’s Couture will make you a “supremely soft” set of ivory-colored, long-sleeved PJs that serve as the perfect canvas to show off your pet’s adorable mug.

Patricia's Couture

Here are some more adorable fashions:

Or for $299, you can order a custom caftan with crystal and pearl embellishments with your pet’s face on it. If you pair it with a turban, you can walk around your home, pretending to be a glamorous 1950s movie star à la Elizabeth Taylor, who absolutely loved herself a caftan.

Patricia's Couture

Not really a pajama type of person? Patricia’s also offers custom scarves and pocket squares!

Patricia's Couture

Patricia Altschul, a reality TV star from the Bravo show “Southern Charm,” is the person behind this genius custom dog pajama collection. The idea reportedly came to her while she was traveling around India with a friend.

patricia altschul photo
Getty Images | Craig Barritt

“Watch What Happens” host Andy Cohen seems to be a fan of the collection. Check him out in a photo the company shared of him wearing a pair of custom jammies that feature his very own dog, Wacha:

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How To Order The Custom Pajamas

To order a set of custom PJs, simply head over to, and upload two photos of your pet. Then select your size from small, medium/large or extra-large. An artist will get to work, transforming your pics into a work of wearable art. The whole process takes about six to eight weeks to complete.

Please note that Patricia’s Couture will only make PJs featuring fur babies, not human babies, and only one pet per clothing item is allowed. (So if you have multiple pets and love them all equally, you may have to consider saving up for additional pajama sets.)

Check out this happy customer, rocking a set of PJs that match her dog:

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea or a way to get even closer to your furry friend, these custom jammies might be the perfect thing!

Ready-To-Wear Option

If you’re simply an animal lover and don’t have a particular pet’s face in mind for your pajamas, Patricia’s Couture also has a ready-to-wear line.

This limited edition Save the Elephants caftan retails for $179.

Patricia's Couture



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