Cut Your Shower Time In Half With This Simple Hair Washing Trick

Rushing to get ready in the morning? We’ve all been there. However, before you reach for your trusty dry shampoo yet again, consider hitting the showers first. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, hair stylist Jeffrey Jagling of Art + Autonomy Salon in New York City told the magazine about a hair washing hack that is guaranteed to cut your shower time in half.

The stylist stated that in order to speed up your routine, you should wash and condition your hair simultaneously, and not in separate steps.  This hack works by applying shampoo directly to your roots, and then lathering your ends with conditioner.

Back view of pretty young female with wet long hairs
Back view of pretty young female with wet long hairs

“Shampoo is intended to cleanse the oil and buildup at the root of your hair, so it can dry the ends of your hair out,” Jagling explained. So, while you scrub in your shampoo, then conditioner can be working to moisturizing  your ends. This one-step process cuts out the middle-man of rinsing in between steps. The hack both cleans your roots and hydrates your ends in one easy-to-do step.

In need of further hydration? The article goes on to mention that if your hair is in need of a little more TLC,  simply do the shampoo-condition hack, and then follow-up with extra conditioner. While that adds more time to your shower, it is a simple way to get more hydration to your strands.

While this hack may only save you a few minutes in the shower, it’s perfect for those days when every extra second counts.