This Cute DIY School Valentine’s Day Card Idea Has Gone Viral—And With Good Reason

Thought you nailed it with a store-bought card and a dozen roses? We all just got one-upped by an adorable 4-year-old from Washington, D.C. who delivered some super-creative Valentine’s to his classmates, complete with lollipops. (Of course, he had a little help from his crafty mom).

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s parties in school are pretty darn cute as is, with cutesy mailboxes and kids exchanging cards and candy. But getting your child to handwrite the names of each and every classmate can be a tough task. Enter Landon Gary, who deserves some extra credit for the thoughtful cards and sweet treats he shared with his classmates on Valentine’s Day.

The valentines picture him with an outstretched arm, and they are punched with two holes so a lollipop could be attached. It creates an almost 3-D effect that makes it look like he’s handing over the lollipop. We’re definitely, ahem, suckers for these cute cards, one of which features the little boy with curly locks donning a T-shirt that says “The Curls Get the Girls.”

Keami Gary tweeted out some photos of the valentines her mom made for her little brother, Landon, pointing out that her mom is “so extra” when it comes to her little brother. Keami Gary told Woman’s Day that her mom, Shavon, had noticed that traditional Valentine cards that are exchanged don’t have any of the kids’ pictures. So she added a personal touch with the cards her son delivered.

Cue the swoons. Once Keami shared the Valentine pictures of her stylish younger brother on Twitter, the Twitterverse responded, with many noting that they wished little Landon was their Valentine.

“I know she’s definitely planning on doing something similar for Christmas with candy canes,” Keami Gary told Woman’s Day. File that under genius!