12 Cute First Day Of School Photo Ideas That Are Easy To Recreate

Start a tradition while capturing a milestone.

It’s always fun to document your child’s first day of school with a photo or two, whether it’s to look back on at the end of the school year or at the end of a decade.

So why not up the creativity and try one of these fun ideas for your next back-to-school photo shoot? Because whether or not we want to admit it, that first day is fast approaching!

1. Make A Sign With A List Of Their Favorites

This is a picture I took of my son last year, which included all of his favorites as he entered kindergarten. My plan is to do this every year because I love the idea of highlighting everything from his career choices to his best friends and favorite foods.

Megan Fenno

2. Use Chalk!

This mom drew out a big ‘K’ for Kindergarten and had her daughter lay down in it. She stood on a ladder to get the perfect photo, then she said she used an app to create the text.


3. Use Balloons

Adding stickers to a balloon is a simple yet adorable way to note your child’s first day of school. Plus, the balloon(s) can double as a nice little surprise for your child the morning of their first day!

Design Improvised

4. Have Your Child Hold A Photo Of Their First Day Of Kindergarten

This is such a fun idea, especially for older kids.


5. Have Your Kids Wear Ribbons

So maybe you don’t want to make them wear ribbons throughout their entire first day of school, but wearing one for a quick photoshoot prior to stepping on the bus would be a cute, yet simple idea.

Miranda Makes

6. Use Free Printables

There are plenty of blogs and websites that offer free printable numbers and letters to make documenting the first day with a fun back-to-school sign a breeze.


7. Dress Your Baby Up

Don’t forget to include the littlest of your kids in the back-to-school photoshoot. Even if they’re not going to school right now, how adorable would this be if they were to hold up a photo like this when they’re seniors in high school?!


8. Take Candid Photos

Sometimes the best photos aren’t the ones that aren’t overly posed, and instead capture some of the little details you may otherwise forget a couple years down the line.

This Play, Party, Plan blogger captured her son’s shoes as a part of his back-to-school photo shoot, and that could be a tradition that lasts for years!


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