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Hedgehog Cupcakes Are Literally Too Cute To Eat

These are adorable!

In the coming weeks, heart-shaped cupcakes and cupcakes with pink and red frosting are going to dominate school classrooms and office parties.

But perhaps it’s time to think outside the heart. If you want to breathe a little whimsy and magic into your Valentine’s Day baking, look no further than hedgehog cupcakes that are so cute, even the biggest (or smallest) sugar-fiend will think twice before devouring these little babies.

You can make these cupcakes either chocolate, vanilla or maple, and there are a few different techniques you can use to create the hedgehog appearance.

Blogger Mayhem in the Kitchen makes her hedgehog cupcakes with a grass tip and piping bags filled with different colors of frosting (dark tan, light tan, white, etc.). This helps to create that nice ombre effect and makes this hedgehog look so real that it is beyond a cupcake … it’s a piece of art.

Mayhem in the Kitchen

Meanwhile, Easy Baked simplifies the process by using Wilton candy melts. She melts down the candy (alternatively, you can use chocolate chips) and then pours it gently over her cooked and cooled cupcakes. She then uses chocolate sprinkles to create the look of hedgehog quills, before finishing things off with pink candy melts for the adorable little hedgehog noses.


Seriously — the artistry here is something to behold!

Or consider this option for hedgehog cupcakes from Jennifer Fujita at Hallmark. She recommends using marshmallow fondant and cutting out a heart-shaped design, which is then given eyes and a nose to make a hedgehog face. Coarse sugar sprinkled on the chocolate frosting creates a quill-like effect.


Oh, and the best thing about these cupcakes? Cuddling them won’t cause salmonella poisoning.