Girl Crushes ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Obstacle Course Dad Built For Her In Backyard

Having a swing set in your backyard is always fun for a kid but one dad has taken the concept of a backyard play area to a whole new level.

Gavin MacCall started by making an obstacle course in the living room for his daughter, Lylah, using household furniture. But when he moved his obstacle course to the backyard of their Colorado home, it became more like a homemade episode of NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior.”

Created in 2016, Lylah’s obstacle course includes balance beams, a cargo climb, a zip line and hanging steps, just like those the contestants must navigate on the hit TV show. MacCall even filmed the girl taking on the obstacle course, providing commentary and setting up an audience of stuffed animals to cheer her on. Check out Lylah in action in the video below:

Too cute! Wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words, “Girls Are Super Stars,” Lylah gamely takes on the obstacles, and she certainly looks like she’s had a lot of practice! The zip line is probably the most impressive part, both her dad’s construction of it and Lylah’s effortless glide.

“I’ve never really studied how to be a dad,” MacCall told People magazine after the video of Lylah tackling the challenge became a viral hit. “A lot of the comments were about what this course is doing — teaching her confidence and being able to learn to try again and do those types of things and not be scared to try something that looks dangerous or difficult.”

While Lylah first got the “American Ninja Warrior” bug at the age of 4, after seeing the show, she’s still at it today, and her skills are improving! Here she is training at Apex School of Movement in Louisville, Colorado:

She has some seriously impressive moves! She’s going to be a few steps ahead of the competition when she gets a chance to be on “American Ninja Warrior” one day.