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Dad Builds Two-Story Dream Playhouse For Kids, And Other Parents Can’t Get Enough

Who needs a dollhouse when your dad builds your own dream house?

In today’s connected world, it’s hard to imagine that kids still have fun with low-tech activities like playing in a backyard playhouse. But believe it or not, kids sometimes put down their beeping, flashing devices to actually (gasp!) play outside.

In 2017, one Michigan dad all but guaranteed his two daughters will beg to play outside for a long time. He’s built them an epic two-story playhouse in their backyard.

Here’s a shot of the magical-looking house from Facebook:

Wow! This “playhouse” puts many tiny houses that adults actually live in to shame.

Dad Is A Professional Builder

Parents, before you try this at home, know that the home’s builder is a professional.

Adam Boyd is the president of ATB Building, Inc., a construction company specializing in residential remodeling in Highland, Michigan. During weekends and his free time, Boyd built the dream playhouse for his daughters, Avery, then 5, and Violet, then 2.

Boyd said because his wife teaches school, she and the girls enjoyed the house together all summer.  The amazing house is 24 feet tall. It has a rock wall, a slide, and a loft. Eventually, Boyd even plans to add a zip line!

Talent must run in the family, because Boyd’s sister, Rachel Goldsworthy of Flashes of Life Photography, captured some touching photos of her nieces playing in the house. As you can see, the inside of the playhouse is just as charming as the outside.

Warning: The wainscoting in their playhouse “dining room” may give you some serious envy for your own real-life adult home!

“Photographing them was just a big playdate,” Goldsworth told ABC News. “I had to take breaks to have tea parties.”

Did we mention that the playhouse has an attached jungle gym to provide kids and visitors an additional place to play? It even has a mini climbing wall and twisty slide!

Parents Want Playhouses For Their Own Kids

The photos of the impressive playhouse soon went viral on Facebook. Parents began asking Boyd to build similar playhouses for their own children, and Boyd said he considered launching a second business devoted to constructing custom playhouses.

“A lot of people, friends and family included, thought I was nuts for doing what I did, but I’m very satisfied with the outcome,” he told ABC News. “I’m happy to watch them play in it, and play in it with them. It’s worth every penny I’ve spent and it’s gonna be there forever.”

How cute is this family?

Where To Get Your Own

Until Boyd’s side business is up and running, there are a number of retailers that sell pre-fabricated backyard playhouses for kids.

Victorian Mansion

Though it is now out of stock, this Victorian mansion “play estate” from Sam’s Club, featured two levels, a garage (which everyone Victorian home certainly had back in the day, apparently?), a porch, and a functioning door.

Sam's Club

The cost for this beautiful playhouse? It’ll run you $2,298.

Seaside Cottage

Looking for something a bit more modest? Sam’s Club also sells this Seaside Cottage outdoor playhouse for a relatively less expensive $399. (This one lists “rapid setup” in its product description, too, which sounds like a bonus, and how cute is that striped awning?)

Cape Cottage

Or for an even more economical version, check out this Little Tikes “Cape Cottage” sold at Target for $99. (Sadly, it is now sold out.) This cottage doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a fancier playhouse, but the plastic exterior will no doubt hold up well in all sorts of weather and surely provide kids a ton of fun.

Target/Little Tikes

What do you think? Inspired to buy or build your own playhouse yet?

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