This dad built an amazing ‘Star Wars’ high chair for his son

We can’t help being envious of people who have enough artistic know-how to make something amazing from scratch. And when that person is clever enough to combine their DIY chops with their pop culture obsession, things get really awesome.

Matthew Regonini has a passion for both “Star Wars” and building things. So he decided to use his talents to create a “Star Wars”-themed high chair for his newborn son. Because why not?

Even if you’re not a “Star Wars” superfan, Regonini’s creation is pretty impressive. He shared the process of making the chair to his YouTube channel, aptly named Never Not Making. Check it out:

The high chair is designed to resemble an AT-ST Walker, which is a two-legged reconnaissance and patrol vehicle from the movie franchise. Here’s a look at what the movie version looks like for comparison, in a scene in which Chewbacca commandeers one of the walkers:

The level of detail in Regonini’s version is pretty amazing!

Professionally, Regonini works as a brand experience designer for Converse, but he loves spending his free time building things for loved ones. Regonini has been woodworking since he was a child, and later went into product design. The high chair was not the first “Star Wars”-inspired design Regonini built for his son, Elliot. He also made a rocking chair made to look like an AT-AT, another transport vehicle from the  “Star Wars” universe. Here’s Elliot enjoying his custom-made toy:

After the rocking chair, Regonini was compelled to keep going. “I sketched up a drawing of the AT-ST that I was planning on building and showed it to Wes [Swain, friend and fellow maker],” he told Babble. “His reply was: ‘High chair?’ After that, it was all I could see in my head; I had to make it.”

Regonini’s work is not just relegated to creations that look like they belong in a galaxy far, far away. He’s also made a cool sign for a friend’s wedding, age blocks for those monthly baby pictures everyone posts on social media and jewelry stands made from birch trees, just to name a few.

What would you make if you knew how to work with wood?

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