This Dad Built A ‘Star Wars’ AT-ACT Playhouse For His Son

I’ve you’re looking for a dose of creative inspiration, visit Colin Furze’s YouTube channel. Yet, for all of his inventions, this one might top them all.

With “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story” coming out Friday, Dec. 16, most parents would buy a couple movie tickets for their children to see the movie. Furze had other ideas. Partnering with eBay, Furze decided to build a life-sized AT-ACT in his backyard and transform it into a playhouse. His son, Jake, is a huge “Star Wars” fan (in case that wasn’t obvious).

In order to build the All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport (AT-ACT), which does pretty much what it sounds like it does—carry cargo—in the world of “Star Wars,” he started with a toy replica he bought off eBay. He paid attention to the details and made sure the larger-than-life “treehouse” would look exactly like the toy replica. A retractable ladder comes down with the push of a button, and “Star Wars” merchandise is placed all around the inside of the giant immovable object. His sons can play with Stormtrooper helmets, Nerf blasters and toy figurines of the main characters from the movie inside their enormous playhouse.

Overall, it stands 18 feet tall and took only a month to build with materials bought exclusively off eBay. The coolest part? The head and blasters move up and down.

The neighbors will feel safer knowing that the blasters are not armed. The feet of the AT-ACT are also welded to the ground, so the kids can’t, you know, accidentally move it around and destroy the neighborhood.


His kids won’t be able to play on it forever, however. In the next few months, the giant playhouse will be sold on eBay to one lucky fan.

This isn’t Furze’s first rodeo, as he’s been creating inventions and posting videos on YouTube since 2006.

The Stamford, England-based inventor has created wrist flame throwers, liquid nitrogen blasters and retractable Wolverine claws for the aspiring “X-Men.” He also created a hover bike and a fart machine, which he pointed directly at France.

Below is how Furze and his partners made the AT-ACT: