Dad glues a feeding tube to himself to show solidarity with his sick son

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If you’re a parent, you know you’ll do anything to take away your child’s pain. While that’s not always totally possible, one dad is going viral for his show of solidarity with his sick toddler.

Chace Elijah, 3, was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare condition that occurs when you’re born with a combination of four different heart defects. Clearly, Chace has already gone through a lot for a toddler, having already had two open-heart surgeries.

Because he cannot eat enough orally to sustain his weight, Chace uses a feeding tube. To support his son, his dad, Robert Selby, glued a feeding tube to his own abdomen and shared the photo on Instagram.

The touching photo has made quite an impact, having garnered more than 9,000 likes on Instagram. It’s since been shared all across the internet.

It’s clear this dad is dedicated to spreading awareness for his son’s condition in any way he can. He also has a YouTube channel that documents his son’s life and journey with the illness. “This channel is about a kid that was born with CHD congenital heart defects TOF Tetralogy of Fallot,” reads the channel’s description. “And how he over came everything to be the most wonderful kid there is. This the life of Chace Elijah Selby and welcome to his page.”

People have been showing their support for Shelby’s commitment to his son.

“You’re such an amazing dad and so inspiring!!!” wrote one commenter on the Instagram post.

“Thank you for sharing awareness! I love this picture! You are an amazing daddy and your son is beautiful! My daughter 21 months was also born with CHD and has a mic-key button too because she can’t eat orally at this time. God bless!” said another.

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