Dad Narrates Daughter’s Makeup Tutorial And Hilarity Ensues

Ladies, if you’ve ever had a man in your life roll his eyes at the time you spend putting on makeup, you’ll get a laugh out of beauty vlogger Megan Michell’s recent video. Instead of narrating her “everyday makeup routine” herself, the 13-year-old from Southern California got her father to do it—and hilarity obviously ensued.

“Forgive me if he says anything weird,” Megan says before beginning her makeup tutorial. “Dab dab dab,” Megan’s dad trills as she puts on foundation and concealer with a “spongy egg.”

“And then you want to do three little lines up here,” he says as she applies “Pocahontas gel” (concealer) between her brows. “It’s for health, wealth and happiness.”


He jokes of her multi-colored makeup palette, “This is a very expensive palette, and I only use a couple of them. But don’t tell my dad because it’s kind of a waste.”

“Actually, you could see my cheekbones before I put all that other crap on, but now you can’t, so I have to highlight them again,” he notes of the layered makeup process. Watch the whole funny video below:

After seeing other beauty vloggers use their fathers, husbands and boyfriends to narrate tutorials, Megan decided to do one herself, according to a BuzzFeed interview.

She started her Meggs and Bacon YouTube channel in July. But it was her dad’s voiceover that resulted in her biggest subscriber boost so far. The video now has more than 1.6 million views.

Megan clearly has a fun relationship with her dad as her tweets about him attest.

Now the only question is: When will this funny dad make his next vlog appearance with more amusing one-liners about “makeup camouflage”?

[h/t: Refinery 29]