This Dad Put A Microphone On His 4-Year-Old Son During Hockey Practice And The Soundbites Are Hilarious

dad mics up son at hockey practice
Jeremy Rupke

Ontario hockey coach and dad Jeremy Rupke recently decided to put a microphone on his son, Mason, during hockey practice to find out what his child was thinking. The results are hilariously sweet and innocent.

Rupke uploaded the video to his Twitter feed at @howtohockey on Feb. 22. Naturally, the bit went viral immediately. Mason spouts lively preschooler stream-of-consciousness, asking “Am I a good Score-der?” and talking to invisible “old paint cans.” And everything he says is a cute reminder of why we love the spontaneity of kids.

The Twitter video now has over 3.43 million views. “Coach Jeremy,” as he calls himself on Twitter, also posted a longer and more complete version on his YouTube channel. Both the 30-second version and the six-minute version have earned millions of views and thousands of likes and comments. Rupke posted on Feb. 25 that he’s also been getting media requests and emails ever since.

You can watch the full six-minute video play out below. Who knew kids’ hockey was so sweet and heartwarming?

We can all relate to this delightful boy, who has apparently been playing hockey since October. His meme-worthy exclamations of “I’m gonna have a naaaap” and “I wanna go BaDonald’s” are all of us.

On a Feb. 27 Twitter post, Rupke shared a picture of his son in his full hockey uniform. He also revealed that the team had just two practices left and asked the Internet, “Should I mic him up one last time?”

Unsurprisingly, the question has garnered dozens of responses, with one clear consensus: Yes!

Even the National Hockey League jumped into the fray, also replying “yes” to his question. Coach Jeremy then responded “Fine…” with a happy face emoji, to which the NFL quickly answered back with this hilarious GIF:

What do you think? Would you like to hear more of this little boy’s inner dialogue?

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