Daughter’s tribute to dad who takes her to Disneyland after every breakup is so sweet


Breaking up is hard to do. And that’s more than just the title of a golden oldies song.

When we go through a breakup, the feelings can be overwhelming and lead us to look for ways to make ourselves feel better and make sense of that sudden loss. Maybe it’s sitting down with a favorite movie and a carton of ice cream. Perhaps, it’s doing something to drastically change our appearance, like a new haircut.

One woman shared a surefire breakup cure that came from the best man in her life: her dad. This thoughtful man didn’t simply pick up the phone to console his heartbroken little girl when she got dumped — he took her to Disneyland!

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“He is quite literally the cutest and most caring man to walk this earth,” wrote TikToker Kenzie (@kenzieritotheburrito), on the post honoring her father.

The video might be less than 10 seconds long, but it packs an emotional wallop for anyone who has gone through the pain of a breakup and longs to have someone to be there as a comfort to a broken heart.

It starts out with 22-year-old Kenzie on her bed crying, with the text, “Thinking about how both times my relationships ended my dad took me to Disneyland, just him and I together.” That, in itself, is powerful. Yet, Kenzie has precious photos that capture these core memories between her and her dad.

In the first series of photos, labeled “Breakup #1,” the pair can be seen mugging for the camera and then posing in front of the iconic rides at Disney’s California Adventure. Next, we transition to photos taken after her second breakup, when Kenzie’s dad (decked out in a fashionable Mickey Mouse beanie) has his arm around his little girl, who is wearing some sparkly Minnie Mouse ears.

Finally, the slideshow wraps up with Kenzie and her dad meeting Minnie Mouse together and everyone is all smiles. Check out the emotional roller coaster here.

@kenziritotheburritohe is quite literally the cutest and most caring man to walk this earth.♬ original sound – Claudia Stuto

Kenzie’s following, which measures at around 200,000 TikTok users who typically enjoy her funny takes on life, have clearly appreciated the heartfelt tone of this clip. The video has had more than 310,000 likes so far and thousands of comments applauding her father for his compassion and kindness.

“This is so pure,” commented TikTok user elle. Meanwhile, BeccaLeeBeauty told Kenzie that dad is, “The only man you need.”

And, user Nit K. declared that “we must protect him at all costs.”

We agree that Kenzie’s dad is a magical example of how not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some wear Mickey Mouse ears!

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