Dad tricks daughter with fake rejection letter from her dream school

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Applying to school can be both stressful and exciting for students. Vivian, a 13-year-old girl, has been working on her portfolio for virtually her whole life to get into Booker T. Washington High School, a magnet school for students in the performing and visual arts. So when Vivian cheated while playing the video game Mario Kart, her dad knew he had the perfect way to teach her a lesson. He wrote a fake rejection letter from the school, and cited her cheating during the game as the reason she didn’t get in. Luckily for us, he caught the whole thing on camera.

Watch the epic prank go down below:

Vivian is visibly nervous as she goes to open the letter. As she begins to read it, a dejected Vivian announces, “I didn’t get in.”

Her dad tells her to read the letter out loud. The teen’s tears turn to laughter when she realizes she’s been had. “We regret that we cannot offer a position at our school to anyone who would unpause a game of Mario Kart while her opponent was out of the room.”

The letter states that she is welcome to reapply once she “learns to behave like a decent human being.” Wow. Video games sound like a serious matter in this household!

Lest you think this dad is unusually cruel, he then asks his daughter if she would like her real letter. When Vivian opens it, she begins to jump with joy when she realizes that she has, in fact, been accepted. She, her mom and her brother go in for a group hug to celebrate the good news.

At the end of the video, her dad comes out from behind the camera to hug his daughter and tells her, “I’m proud of you.”

While the prank seems pretty mean in the beginning, all’s well that ends well, right?

Congratulations to Vivian and hats off to her dad for his amazing pranking skills!

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