Dad uses Twitter to share the hilarity of raising daughters

Comedian James Breakwell knows all too well the joys and absurdities of raising daughters. The comedian dad has four daughters, all under the age of 7, so he has some first-hand experience.

With a house full of little girls, the jokes probably almost write themselves. Fortunately, he shares many of these day-to-day gems with the rest of us on Twitter. His account, @XplodingUnicorn, has nearly one million followers thanks to his honest and hilarious observations.

As you can see from this collection, his daughters appear to have their daddy’s sense of humor and timing. The comic force runs deep in this family.

You Only Need One Eye, Right?

Apparently, Breakwell’s 5-year-old daughter was confident that her sister would be OK even after she hurt her sister’s eye.

It’s all good, right?

Ready For Prime-Time Sports

All dads love to see athletic potential in their little ones. Breakwell already has big plans for his oldest.

If the sports thing doesn’t work out, maybe dad can steer his daughter to the stage!

Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

This family knows how to prepare for an emergency. Breakwell shares a series of tips to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, courtesy of his girls.

Not sure big sis wants to deflect the oncoming walking dead. But it’s every sister for herself here.

Getting The Kids To Pick Up

What parent can’t relate to the never-ending battle of getting kids to pick up their messes. Breakwell’s 5-year-old throws a curve in the argument, though.

I’m not sure who to applaud here. I mean, the little girl tossed out the classic line parents use to guilt kids into picking up. However, dad made a major comeback. Upon further consideration, I have to give dad the point with the impressive clap back.

Who’s The Boss?

OK, I admit it. I had this exact exchange with my kids when they were in preschool.

You just don’t know whether to get angry or to crack up.

And You Think You Had A Bad Day?

Lesson: Things can always get worse. At least you still have your head attached.

School Daze

The new school year may be young, but Breakwell’s kids have already provided plenty of back-to-school humor.

School’s rough, man. Just ask the teachers.

Dogs Are So Lucky!

Dad Protective Mode

Last but not least, Dad’s job is to make sure his little girls are safe. Some days are easier than others.

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