Dad’s Viral Post Calls Out Husbands Who Sleep In On The Weekends

When Saturday morning rolls around, there is usually only one thing on most people’s minds: SLEEP!

But, as every parent of little kids knows, sleeping in on the weekends is a luxury rarely enjoyed. Even as your kids get older, sleep on Saturdays and Sundays is sparse, as they often have games and activities that require a chauffeur.

However, one dad is calling out the inequity of sleep that he sees happening in many families. Dale Partridge, author, blogger and founder of StartupCamp.Com, says that too many men expect the weekend mornings to be their time to enjoy sleep while their wives take care of the kids.

In a bold Facebook post, Partridge had this stern advice for the men out there:

The post has been shared over 55,000 times, and men and women are both responding powerfully to the message. Several women are sharing that their partners show them the same respect, and that it is so appreciated:

It’s a message that is meaningful to many families, as women still tend to do more hours of childcare and housework than their partners, even when they also have jobs outside the home. Results from The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) annual Time Use Survey show that women still do several more hours of housework than men. Additionally, getting married increases a woman’s workload by seven hours each week! That’s right, a University of Michigan study showed that women who are married spend seven hours each week cleaning up after their husbands. On the other hand, men enjoy a decrease in the amount of housework they must do after they get married.

So what’s the verdict? Try taking turns (he sleeps in on Saturday, you sleep in on Sunday), or find some schedule that works for you. Everyone deserves—and needs—some rest!

[h/t: PopSugar]