You Have To Hear This Dad’s Rendition Of ‘Tennessee Whiskey’

Who needs singing competitions when you have your own budding music career thanks to YouTube and Facebook?

Texas dad Kris Jones now has over 25 million combined views of his rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey,” thanks to a video his daughter posted on social media. They were driving around when Jones’ daughter turned on her camera phone and started recording. With the instrumental (or karaoke) version of the song playing through the stereo system, you can hear Jones belt it out and hit those high notes like it’s nothing.

His daughter, having a front-row seat to the action, can’t help but giggle and mime the words along with her talented father. If I ever need a wing-woman, I know who to ask!

In a Facebook Live video, Jones, a 38-year-old father of three, says that he knew his daughter was taping him throughout the song. But he didn’t know she would post it on her YouTube channel, Daylafulla. After it went viral, he was blown away by the reaction to his pipes.

Some said he should try out for singing competitions. He did try out for “The Voice,” but was rejected. But, with the fanfare he is getting on social media, maybe he will decide to give it another shot! Two of his videos, “Whiskey and You” and “Simple Man,” each have hundreds of thousands of views so far.

Growing up, Jones was a part of the church choir. There’s a 30-minute video of him singing “Amazing Grace.” After his start in gospel music, he gravitated toward country music. He loves old souls like Sam Cooke, but he can also sing songs written by Garth Brooks and Keith Urban.

But nothing can top Jones’ cover of Chris Stapleton’s cover of George Jone’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” He might even be able to give Justin Timberlake a run for his money!

Dave Grohl and Daughter Violet Perform Together

Speaking of incredible father-daughter duos, Violet Grohl, the 12-year-old daughter of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, recently joined her dad on stage to perform a cover of Adele’s song “When We Were Young” during the Notes & Words benefit concert in Oakland, California. We must say — we’re impressed!

Violet had no problem hitting the high notes as her dad accompanied her on guitar.

Watch the awesome performance from the May 12 show below:

Audience members got two for the price of one because later in the show, Grohl’s younger daughter, 9-year-old Harper, joined her dad and sister to sing backup on Foo Fighters’ 2017 song “The Sky Is a Neighborhood:”

Harper’s skills are just as impressive as her sister’s, and it’s clear Grohl is super proud of his daughters.

Harper and Violet recently appeared in the music video for “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” in which Grohl directed them. Although many of us know him as a prolific musician, when it comes to his kids, Grohl is just Dad.

“You have to realize that my children don’t see me as a famous rock musician,” he explained to Rolling Stone. “They see me as a slobbish dad and especially when it comes to a director … It’s funny, they were much more cooperative making the video than they are when it’s time for them to clean their room or go to bed.”

dave grohl violet photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Despite their obvious talent, Grohl says his daughters’ lives are largely like those of any other kids, and that they spend a lot of time doing things like watching slime-making tutorials on YouTube and skateboarding.

If they’re interested, I think these two have great potential to follow in their dad’s footsteps with careers in the music business. The bright lights of the stage and a screaming audience clearly didn’t bother them!